HnN is a music entertainment event organizer in Jogjakarta, a city in Java Island of Indonesia. HnN stands for Harmony in Nada (Nada means Tune/ Good Sounds). Considering distortion of sounds created by nowadays young musicians, a pianist named Hari Tito formed HnN.

Who is Hari Tito? He was born in Ungaran, a small city in Central Java. He learnt a piano when he was 7 years old. He is very concerned on music development in his beloved country. He notices that many distortions of sound on songs created by musicians.

Many young musicians or artists neither have music background nor lack of music knowledge. Only a few musicians have music background and they not only have a capability to sing or play music instruments but also can read music repertoire well. In fact, only few of them are either known or cherished in their own country.

Besides concerning on harmony in sounds, HnN also tries to maintain traditional music in Indonesia. Hari Tito learns that music has a unique character. Furthermore, Indonesia is rich of local traditional music instruments. Having a music background and a deep love in music since his age of seven, Hari Tito succeeds to arrange and combine between traditional and western music beautifully and attractively.

He learns that music instruments (both traditional and modern/western) have own distinctive typical character which is very unique. In other word, each instrument has own distinctive sound. As a result, good music arrangement will give beautiful harmony.

Basically, Hari Tito specialized himself in Jazz. He mentions that in Jazz performance there is a session in which each player can explore himself to play instrument respectively. However, he regards that he himself can explore himself in music by arranging songs and performing with other musicians in music events either with big band, mini orchestra or big orchestra.

Since 1987, Hari Tito has been creating many songs. Moreover, the first music school (named Musika 59) that he built in Yogyakarta has educated and resulted many young talented musicians. Furthermore, Musika 59 has inspired his students coming from other towns to make a band group, and even some of them make music schools regardless their minimum music background. Anyway, Hari Tito admits he is very pleased that he has taught and inspired his students or other people to make something useful and worthy in their life.

In 2003, Hari Tito started to focus himself more in HnN Entertainment. He lets other talented young musicians to be involved in HnN to perform in many events in Indonesia. One thing that Hari Tito wishes and dreams is that he can collaborate with other talented musicians abroad to play his songs and music arrangements in wonderful harmony by combining between traditional and western music instruments.



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